Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Mardi Gras Float Construction

So as the mind of a creative person would go, I change my mind once I get going on any  project, not just this one.  (This should be a lesson to everyone to JUST GET STARTED).

I first attached the painted wooden discs to the wooden CD holder, using Elmer's wood glue.

Then I covered a piece of foam core with green satin fabric using fabric glue.  

I wanted the float to have a layer look of materials so I used the light purple fabric as the foundation of the float and attached it to the wooden crate using fabric glue.  

Next I glued the top layer of fabric over the purple fabric.  NOTE:  Both pieces of fabric were turned under and using fabric glue created a hem.  Glued the suede paper black butterflies to the gold ribbon and glued those to the top layer of fabric.

I then went into a trance trying to figure out how I would make the BACK of the float.  It was too thin and flat with just the covered foam core.  So I put a contrasting turquoise crinkle velour and glued more black butterflies to the fabric.  Still, it wasn't what I really wanted. I attached this back board to the box with strips of glued velcro. 

The float was STILL lacking some dimension... so after adding the holders for the rider's beads (all floats have riders and all riders have beads) I decided to make something to attract the butterflies.

Here's a close up of the float with with the beads ready for riders.

Now for the beads - I nearly lost my vision, but I did manage to make 16 dozen of 2 1/2 inch and 3 inch Mardi Gras beads. THROW ME SUMPTIN' MISTA!

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